Our public exhibit space is divided into ‘galleries’ of two general categories. These first category curates major historic events in Clark County history and the second are replicas of historic Clark County landmarks.

Here are some selected galleries that you will see in our museum.

Historical Events

Discover the many “firsts” of Clark County and our role in national and international events.

Indiana Firsts

Did you know that Clark County had the first state prison, first state forest, and that Clarksville is one of the earliest settlements west of the Appalachian mountains? Explore how Clark County served as both an outpost and a destination in the new state of Indiana

The Underground Railroad

As a border county between a slave-holding and a free state, Clark County was a major route in the Underground Railroad. Discover the history of abolitionists and enslaved people seeking freedom.

Wartime Participation

Clark County had a major fort in the Civil War and many of its residents served in American wars in the 19th and 20th centuries. Learn about the people, industries, and places that contributed to wartime efforts.

Clark County Landmarks

Immerse yourself in historic Clark County landmarks by walking through miniature replicas of historic structures that contain original artifacts.

Spriesterbach Family Farm

Experience life on an 1830's farm where tobacco and row crops grew and dairy cows were raised. Learn more about "The Cedars", a 200-acre farm that sits adjacent to Highway 62.

Keigwin's Marriage Parlor

Indiana had a number of "marriage parlors" in the late 19th century where couples could get married for cheaper than neighboring Kentucky. Step inside a replica of Ephraim Keigwin's Marriage Parlor.

Prohibition Era Speakeasy

Clark County had its share of "speakeasies", or illegal bars and gambling dens, during the Prohibition Era (1920-33). Take a trip and a sip in a speakeasy filled with gangsters like Al Capone!