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October 27, 2022
Historic Gems of Jeffersonville

Three museums are participating in this: Howard Steamboat Museum, Vintage Fire Museum, and Clark County Museum.  Each participant will receive a booklet to take to the three museums.  The museum will issue a sticker which they will place in their booklet.  When visitors have been to all three museums and have the three stickers in their book, the final museum will award them with a beautiful magnet for each museum!
There is no charge but donations are gratefully accepted.

February 28, 2022

The Clark County Museum Presents:
49 Miles of Misery: The 10th Anniversary of the Henryville and Southern Indiana Tornado Outbreak.

March 2022 is the 10th anniversary of the devastation caused by the 2012 tornado in Clark County. The month-long exhibits & programs will include a visual display with informational reading, a video presentation, a tornado wind experience, speakers rescue dogs and more.  Come see how love and goodness came to us from total strangers and how other communities pitched in to help the victims.  Learn about tornado safety, about how to become a storm watcher, about how to anticipate tornadoes and more.  Experience tornado winds and feel the weight of the hail that rained down on Clark County.  The exhibit will run through March 2022.

Programs and Dates

  • The museum will have extended hours during March: Monday – Friday 10am – 6 pm & Saturday – Sunday, 12pm – 6pm
  • Exhibit opens March 2
  • Pop presentations:
  • Saturday, March 5 at 1:00 pm, Bob McIntosh, the construction manager who coordinated tornado rebuilding efforts will speak on his experience and 2:00 pm Jeanne Burke, Clark County Historian, will speak on remembering the 1890 tornado
  • Sunday, March 6 – 1:00 pm, Paula Lomax, Homeland Security search & rescue dog demo with a dog that assisted in the aftermath and another dog that assisted in the recent tornado in Mayfield, KY
  • There will be other pop up speaking events and some repeat events on the weekends
  • Monday, March 7 – wine & cheese from 4 pm to 6pm
  • Thursday, March 10, we will have a special tornado commemoration program at 11:30 am with Ben Pine, WHAS Chief Meteorologist and 7:00 pm with guest speaker
  • Saturday, March 12 – hail and its impact
  • On March 20 at 2 PM Paula Lomax and her search and rescue dogs will be providing a demo on how the dogs are used to help in the search in recovery process.
  • Brief informal speaking/demo presentations will be held on Saturdays & Sundays – to include topics like the various aspects of tornadoes & the weather, programs with the dogs that did search & rescue to tornado victims and the first responders and more
  • At 4 PM on March 16th, the National Weather Service will provide information on storm spotting.
  • Tornado wind machine – $3 for a 60 second wind experience – during March


January 26, 2022

The Clark County Museum Seeks Memorabilia for 10th Anniversary Exhibit

The Clark County Museum is seeking artifacts, photos and videos related to the March 2, 2012 tornado outbreak in southern Indiana for a special 10th anniversary exhibit during the month of March commemorating the tornado disaster and recovery.

Please contact the museum by February 1 at 502-548-0259 for more information about how to submit items for the exhibit.

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